Advantages and disadvantages of direct mail


Preparing an email marketing campaign requires a commitment to get it done. It is easy to adjust it to any trade and requirements, it is only necessary to allow the deployment of creativity. With smartphones, young users today read mailing lists in Corona more closely and frequently, hence the greater efficiency of email marketing every day. In addition, the cost of the campaign is low, which is why it is the best tool to implement content marketing and add values.

  1. It is a process subject to measurement. Items to consider during the direct mail campaign process include.

The number of shipments.

The profile of the client or prospects to whom the email was sent.

The time it took the reader to respond.

The investment of the campaign and the cost benefit, according to the response rate obtained.

2.- The results are projected.  With the result of previous campaigns, the result of a new one can be predicted.  And thus make better decisions to carry them out (organization, human resources, etc.)

3.- Allows you to select the coverage, so it can be as restricted or as wide as desired.  4.- Less Competition.  When reading the message, 100% attention is achieved, because there is no other advertisement at that time.  5.- The medium is flexible.  The format is varied, it can be used from a diptych to a full page of newspaper size.

6.- It is a low-cost medium.  In relation to other means of sales, both direct and remote.

7.- Satisfies the reader’s needs.

  • Of those who like to take popsicles.
  • Of those who like to ask for information.
  • Of those who like to order.
  • Of those who like to receive coupons.
  • Of those who like to participate in contests and raffles.

8.- It favors a personalized and permanent relationship.  A firm relationship is developed through the continuity of the correspondence.


1.- The success of direct mail depends on an updated and segmented database.

2.- The number of products promoted through direct mail cannot be more than one, if the interest cannot be lost.

3.- Some customers hesitate to buy, since they have no contact with the product.

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