Setting boundaries with a high conflict co-parent

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There can be many reasons behind ending a relationship. But after ending the relationship the life will be not that easy if one of the partners is always in a conflicting mood. You will face a lot of problems if you have a child as you would need to have a co-parenting relationship with them. With such people, the situation for both the child and you becomes very complicated. But as per the child support attorney you have to follow the rules and regulations. Such conditions may affect the growth of the child. If you can place some fixed boundaries between both of you then you can stay peacefully and also manage your share of duties with less trouble. Let us look into some of the ways that how can you set boundaries with a high conflict co-parent.

  • Commit to the parenting plan: In high conflicting situations, it is better that you follow the parenting plan. Because with the conflict the misunderstanding, disagreements, miscommunication will increase which will create an enormous boundary among both the parents who are trying to maintain a relationship for the sake of co-paring responsibilities? In such cases, the parent usually likes to resolve the issues within the court. Whatever may happen stick to the parenting plan given by the court, in this way you will reduce the chances of conflict? In case the conflicting parent is not following the plan given by the court then you can reach out to the family law lawyer who can guide you on how to move forward in such a situation.

child support attorney

  • Consider parallel parenting: In case the co-parent is not communicating properly and conflicts are increasing then it is better you think about parallel parenting. In parallel parenting, you will have more boundaries than usual like, not communicating directly with each other. When there is less interaction the conflicts will reduce. But this cannot stay for a long time at some point; you might have to talk to the co-parent for some emergency reason. In such cases, you can opt to contact the co-parent through email or messaging. But make sure the words used in the message should not be the reason for a new conflict.
  • Tools for parallel parenting communication: you can find some communicating tools on the website. These are also using the message method but in different ways. You will have different, topics mentioned on the website like parenting schedules, family information, expenses, and many more. So as per the topic, just mention the required information that will reduce the message conflict. These websites will help you to re-read what you have written and gives you the information on how the words were written will be impacting. 


Hope you will bear this point in mind and have a safe co-parenting relationship without any conflict.

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