The Modern Technology Used in Gaming Online

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There are several advances in the technology that are overhauling rapidly in a way our games are played and developed. Right from Nokia’s Snake to ninth generation consoles, this industry has not stood still. Let us check out some biggest trends that can mold this future of online gaming industry and start playing at SlotXO Hacker.

Technological leaps like emergence of the mobile gaming, AR, AI, and VR and cloud gaming have actually led to the ongoing evolution in this industry. Online games have progressed in a good way from the pixelated screens, to becoming life-like.

AR & VR Gaming

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is two important trends that will easily get traced to online gaming. Video games have got versions with the virtual reality segments that are believed to be new technology trends. VR games have arrived in the market. Obviously, it needs a little time before it gets global, but a lot of gaming websites today have received them already.  Equipment needed for such games is quite costly to go mainstream; however VR offers something that no other games will. Whereas years will pass before the tech trend evolves, this may definitely reshape this gaming landscape like we know.

Cloud gaming

Cloud has been the game-changer when it comes to gaming world online and indispensable advance on this traditional console and personal computer game. So, what makes it quite revolutionary is it turns gaming experience in the activity that require stable internet connection & devices that we use almost daily.

With an introduction & adoption of 5G internet services, cloud gaming will grow by 29% in the next 3 years. Like rumored, many companies are set to expand over cloud-based gaming market. With the technology that can potentially mark an end of the console, the cloud gaming now is gearing up over the change of internet gaming like we all know about it.

Social gaming

This type of gaming was a bit unexplored arena in technology world. People can communicate, create teams, and play different games without forming the social group. But, with restrictions during this pandemic, the social gaming took one big turn for better, and people started interacting a bit more actively on different gaming platforms. Gamers come together and create links through game platforms, generate virtual worlds with the actual equipment and businesses when playing in a same social space.

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