The Science of What Makes an Introvert and an Extrovert


Streaming platforms have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. People are continuing to enjoy the seamless streaming services provided by these OTT platforms. Though global OTT services have become popular in recent times, the rise of Local OTT services has suggested otherwise. People are choosing these local services over the global ones. Aha has become a major service provider. Thanks to its only Telugu content rule. South movie fans are flocking the streaming service to watch their favorite heroes in action. Aha indeed provides you with all the blockbusters. At the same time, it provides some heart fluttering feel-good films and some mind-numbing thrillers. And these two polar opposite feelings can be felt by watching Android Kattapa and Forensic.

Both of them are winners in their own right.

Android Kattapa

RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval, in his debut directorial, has made one of the best comedy-drama movies ever. Released as Android Kunjappan Version 5.25 in Malayalam, the film got released in Telugu as Android Kattappa 5.25 on Aha OTT. Sanu Varghese has done good work on the cinematography. Bijibal has composed the tunes for the movie, which was released on 8 November 2019. This 140-minute comedy-drama is a proven entertainer.

The film follows the relationship of a father-son duo. The story begins in Paynnur, where a man in his old age, BhaskaraPoduval(SurajVenjaramoodu), lives with his son Subramaniam(SoubinShahir). Subramaniam, or Chubban(as he is often referred to), is a mechanical engineer by profession. His father is a stubborn man. Due to his fear of dying alone, he doesn’t let his son leave him. He forces his son to quit every job he gets. One day Chubban gets frustrated from all this and agrees to join a Japanese firm in Russia. There he meets Hitomi(KendyZirdo), who was born to a Japanese mother and a Malayali Father. She has a deep appreciation for Malayalam and all Malayali things. As both of them get close, she talks about how her father passed away because of Alzheimer’s disease and also introduced him to a robotic nurse who took care of her father during his last days. After Chubban gets a call from his cousin informing him of how his father’s caretaker is no good, he feels sad for not staying with him. He even discusses with his boss and Hitomi about quitting his job. But his boss persuades him by suggesting an alternative to him. He returns home with the latest version of the Android Robot that is Android Robot 5.25. From there on, it is a laughter ride.


Co-written and directed by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan in their debut, this mystery crime thriller is one to watch out for. The cinematography by Akhil George gives us the creeps, and the music by Jakes Bejoy only adds to that sense. This Malayalam film was released on 28 February 2020. later, the Telugu dubbed version got released on Aha.

The film starts by showing a son and father at a meat shop. It shows that the boy smuggled different animal body parts and stored them. Upon finding this, his father beats him. The boy murders his father when he grows up. Then we are taken to the present, where ACP Rithika Xavier is investigating a double murder of two little girls in Trivandrum. Upon her request for a forensic team, she is assigned Samuel John Kattookkaaran (Tovino Thomas), who happens to be her husband’s younger brother. She broke up with her husband, Xavier John Kattookkaaran (SaijuKurup), upon losing a daughter. Her other daughter Nayana consults Dr. Alphonse Kurien (Giju John), a psychologist. The investigation of the case continues when suddenly random murders start happening. Is there more to it than meets the eyes?

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