What are the different Home Healthcare services available?


Homehealthcareis defined as the supportive procedure conducted at one’s home. It is usually given under the supervision of an expert nurse or professional, who monitors the health of the patient 24*7.

It is opposed to the care provided at nursing homes or other ordinary clinics. Generally, home care patients receive more care, because it occurs within the jurisdiction of one’s home. Hence, home healthcare service is also known as the ‘’social care service’’.

What are the different kinds of services available under home health care?

Under the broader umbrella of home healthcare, there are several facilities available. Depending on the current state of the patient and the illness, here are some of the common services available-

  1. Doctor’s care-

The doctor’s care refers to the normal doctor visits. The specialist may visit your home to help the patient recover from an illness. Normally, under a doctor’s care, a patient receives a proper diagnosis of the illness or state of being. The doctor supervises the condition of the patient and provides medicines as required.

  1. Nursing-

Nursing services refer to additional care by a special nurse. The nurse is appointed at home to take care of patient 24*7. If the patient is physically unwell and is unable to complete chores, the nurse provides the assistance required. Nursing services are generally available for the aged and patients suffering from chronic diseases.

  1. Therapy services-

Therapy services at home are provided by an expert therapist. This is a professional service, undertaken under the supervision of a proficient therapist. It includes physical, mental, or speech therapy. Therapy sessions are conducted as per the requirements of the individual. Therapy at home is more comfortable and provides relief to the individual.

  1. Caretaker service-

A caretaker service at home is available for extra assistance. It refers to looking after someone, who has been suffering for a long time. Such services generally refer to all kinds of assistance at the home level.

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