Cool Water Bongs: A Beginner’s Guide

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Many users still choose to consume marijuana by rolling a joint. But water pipes or bongs are a great option for smokers who don’t mind spending a little extra cash for a more practical and effective smoking method. Water pipes and bongs are similar concepts. Herbs can be smoked easily with a regular pipe by placing the substance in the bowl, lighting it, letting it pass through the stem, and breathing through the mouthpiece. So, before investing in cool water bongs, check this article for further details.

How Is a Bong Used?

The fact that bongs and water pipes are so effective to use is one of the key reasons why so many users choose to use them. Although they’re typically bigger and frequently have extra elements to improve the hits, bongs function similarly to regular pipes.

The main distinction is that bongs produce cleaner hits by filtering the smoke through water, which is why they are also known as water pipes. Typically, bongs have a few key components. You place your product in the Bowl, and when you fire it, the smoke flows through the tubes and into the base.

As the top and smoke are moved through the chamber, you breathe through the mouthpiece. Most bongs also feature a tiny hole called a carb that you can cover to retain the smoke within and release to let it out.

Start by adding water to the base of the bong before using it. You only need enough to cover the downstream; you don’t want it to overflow through the bowl.

With a Bong, What Can You Smoke?

Dry herbs should only be used with bongs. Smoking cannabis flowers (also referred to as weed, cannabis, and marijuana) is widespread use for them. It is easy to set up and produces powerful effects, making it an effortless and effective way to smoke cannabis. However, different types of herbs can also be utilized with bongs.

You can also fill a bong with cannabis concentrates for an even greater high. Even though concentrates typically don’t burn well on their own, you can combine items like shatter or wax with dried cannabis flower for more potent results.

With a bong, it’s also simple to manage your high. Just take another hit if you require more potent results. You can quit at any moment if you think your level is good.

By releasing the carb after a potent enough hit, you can also regulate how much smoke you inhale. As a result of the colder and purer doses, many users claim that smoking via a bong gives them stronger effects and a more focused high.

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