How Delta 8 THC Softgels Work

CBD flower is a drug created initially by Dr. Igor Grant in the 1980s to be used as a treatment for intractable cases of severe chronic pain syndrome and neuropathic pain caused by injuries and traumas to the nervous system. In other words, it’s an oral spray that uses THC, the ingredient that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, to block both pain messages from reaching your brain while you sleep because they’re not needed while you’re sleeping. It also affects muscle spasms and abdominal cramps.

The drug comes in a softgel capsule and is taken orally. It’s supposed to be taken very early in the morning before you get up so that it has time to take effect before you go to bed.

Dr. Igor Grant was one of the early pioneers who invented all these new drugs that had medical uses when they were illegal or not well accepted or understood by the medical community because most pharmaceutical drugs have to be approved by the FDA under their strict regulations before they can be sold commercially. So he was inventing these drugs and then selling them to the doctors who wanted to use them with their patients.

Grant’s initial main goal was to be able to produce THC legally because in the late ’70s, marijuana was still illegal in most countries, including the United States. So he started cultivating new strains of marijuana that had far more medicinal properties than most of the strains did at that time without many or any of their adverse psychoactive effects. And one of those strains was Delta 8Tetrahydrocannabinol, known as Delta 8THC for short.

CBD flower

Once approved by the FDA, Delta 8THC could be used under the FDA’s regulations as a treatment for several conditions, including chronic pain. The drug is currently available by prescription only, but it can be used to treat various kinds of pain that do not respond well to other types of medicine. Weed-Infused Soft Gels are one of the best delivery methods for this drug.

In most cases, the softgels are approved for the treatment of intractable chronic pain syndrome, which is often associated with different types of nerve damage. This is a disorder that has no known cure but can be treated with a variety of other medications, including Delta 8THC. The pain caused by this condition is usually in the form of constant or intermittent pain in the muscles, bones, or nerves.

The medication only comes in softgel form, which means it has to be taken by mouth and ingested like any other type of medicine would be.

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