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You have to choose a door for your garage but you don’t know whether to buy an up-and-over door or a sectional one ? In this article we will guide you in this choice, analyzing both types. In general, the up-and-over door – being the best known in Italy – is the most popular choice but, in some cases, the sectional door is the best (albeit less known) solution. In choosing the ideal garage door for you, the following aspects must be taken into consideration and evaluated: Dimensions of your box

Type of opening movement sought

  • The swing door
  • The structure of the up-and-over door features a single mantle which, fixed on two lateral steel pivots , thanks to counterweights , allows the balanced opening of the door industrial garage door manufacturers.
  • This type of door is ideal for inserting accessories such as pedestrian doors or glass areas and it is possible to cover it with different materials such as wood or sheet metal . The advantages of an up-and-over door are many:
  • Simple installation
  • Compactness
  • Low maintenance required
  • Solidity
  • On the downside is the fact that, when opened, this door can block the passage.

Sectional doors

  • Sectional doors , also known as ” garage shutters “, are designed for both industrial and civil uses . This typology provides for a concealed opening since the shutter , made up of surmounted panels and sliding on guides, rolls up parallel to the ceiling. The advantages guaranteed by sectional doors (both industrial and civil) are:
  • Low space requirement (thanks to the winding mechanism parallel to the ceiling)

Reduction of the risk of collision with the car

  • Thermal insulation
  • Silent opening and closing
  • Both types of doors can be automated : using a remote control you can open your garage without bothering yourself from the seat of your car.

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