Avoiding Ice on a Party Bus

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The image of a rich man in a suit with a cigar hanging from his lips sipping whiskey from a glass that has some ice cubes in it is really pervasive in the modern cultural mindset of the average human being. In spite of the fact that this is the case, you should try your best to realize that ice cubes are actually the worst possible way in which you can end up cooling your drinks down when you are in the middle of a party bus ride.

You would definitely need something that can keep your drinks cool on party buses in kansas city missouri at the end of the day though, and we can tell you how you can do that without using ice cubes. It is important to note that the problem with ice cubes is that they tend to dilute your drink and make it really watery and therefore unpleasant to consume, but this problem is rather easily solved if you put your glassware in the freezer for a little while before you pour the alcohol into it.

This would mean that the booze will get cooled down by the glass itself rather than through anything that would dilute it. An added benefit of this is that it would keep your drinks cool for longer. Ice is not a very effective way of bringing the temperature of your booze down to an acceptable level, so you should always be wary of it. The quality of your alcohol is going to be severely compromised if you don’t take some steps here and there to ensure that it does not turn into something that is highly watery and bland.

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